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MODEL 5001
The Model 5001 provides an excellent, cost-effective addition of living space to your home, cottage or trailer. This enclosure features a sturdy 2 x 4 insulated wall construction with thermal Low E Argon windows. Add air conditioning or heating to make this living space yours to enjoy. The Model 5001 is built upon a solid insulated deck, providing for a fantastic living space, rec room or spa enclosure.

Fibreglass screening
Thermal windows and patio door with Low E Argon and door locks
Aluminum siding
Vinyl sided units
2 x 4 wall construction
Interior walls paneled and insulated
Insulated 3 roof
Interior white stucco ceiling
Eaves trough & down pipe

Additional Doors
Thermal Patio Doors with Low E Argon
Insulated Steel Door with Low E Argon
Garden Door with Low E Argon
2 Trilite Storm Door
Insulated 6 Roof
Corner Column
Single Column
Insulated Deck
Divider Wall
Railing Posts
3 Pillar Post
Sky light 24 x 48
Sky light 24 x 48 vented
Colonial Grill for Windows
Colonial Grill for Patio Door

All models are measured, designed and installed by H&H Patio Enclosures.

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