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All Seasons Models

All Season Models provide a beautiful second living space. Decorating possibilities are endless; create a living space with comfortable furniture. Increase the number of rooms by adding a divider wall for a custom office or extra bedroom.  You have endless possibilities.

6001 Model

The custom Model 6001 is the ultimate design in custom All Season Enclosures. Our engineering design includes a 2” x  6” R -12 insulated walls with house wrap and  an extra 1 ½” foam barrier to give the walls an additional R-5 ½ rating keeping  you comfortable in all weather. The thermal windows have an energy star rating with Low E and Argon filled. Our thermal doors improve the heating and cooling performance in the room.


The finished interior touches come complete with panelling and case molding around the doors and windows.  This model includes an engineered 6” insulated roof structure. If you choose to add decking to any of our rooms we manufacture an R-22 rated deck with an option to upgrade the deck for an additional R-14 rating for the ultimate in comfort and warmth.



  • Additional Thermal Patio Door and Additional Steel Door

  • Additional Thermal Windows

  • Additional Roof

  • Insulated Deck

  • Stairs

  • Divider Wall

  • Railing

  • Railing Posts

  • 3” Pillar Post

  • Gates


  • Single Hung Windows

  • Fiberglass Screening

  • Thermal Patio Door

  • Thermal Window

  • Vinyl  Siding

  • Interior Walls Panelled 

  • Insulated Walls

  • Insulated 3” Hard Top Roof

  • Interior White Texture Ceiling

  • Eavestrough & Downpipe

The ultimate

design in custom enclosures

6001 Model
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