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Extended Seasons Models

Extend the seasons enjoyment with our Extended Season Model 5001. Create a cozy space where you can drink that morning cup of coffee or enjoy an evening dinner with friends and family. A beautiful exterior design will compliment the features of your room.

 5001 Model

Keep you warm in cooler weather

When the weatherman calls for cooler days, our custom Model 5001 Extended Season has the features that will keep you warm in the cooler weather while in the summer our window and door designs will allow the cool breeze to flow through the room. The 2”x 4” R-12 Batt insulated wall design has thermal pane energy star rated windows with Low E and Argon filled. Vinyl siding material is used for its low maintenance, versatility, durability and expansive colour choices.


The interior comes with panelling and case molding around the doors and windows. Shutters are a standard feature and come in assorted colors. Window and Door Grills are an upgrade but they enhance the exterior look of your enclosure. Our roof system comes complete with eavestroughs, downpipe assemblies and your choice of colour stripe.

IMG_3133 v2_edited.png


  • Additional Thermal Doors or Thermal Windows

  • Thermal Patio Doors with Low E Argon

  • Insulated Steel Door with Low E Argon

  • 2” Trilite Storm Door

  • Insulated 6” Hard Top Roof

  • Insulated Deck

  • Stairs

  • Divider Wall

  • Railing

  • Railing Posts

  • 3” Pillar Post

  • Gates

  • Colonial Grill for Windows

  • Colonial Grill for Patio Door


  • Fiberglass screening

  • Thermal windows and Patio Door with Low E Argon

  • Shutters

  • Vinyl Siding

  • 2” x 4” Wall Construction

  • Interior Walls Panelled 

  • Insulated Walls

  • Insulated 3” Hard Top Roof

  • Interior White Stucco Ceiling

  • Eavestrough & Downpipe

5001 Model
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